We Love Philadelphia’s New Specality Coffee Shop: Joe Coffee

Much as we got into BBQ years ago as of late we’ve been diving headfirst into the third wave coffee shops. Joe Coffee was at the top of our list based on the usa today review. We couldn’t have had a better experience, and continue to do so, if we tried.

I love Joe Coffee.

Joe, originally from New York City, is located in Philadelphia just next to the Barnes and Noble on Rittenhouse. There is a second location opening in University City as well. They along with Ultimo are my top coffee shops in Philadelphia. The reasons are many but I’ll list just the biggies. For starters, and  it’s always the deal maker or breaker, it’s their exceptional customer service. Of course along with a quality product it makes for a great one two punch. For us Joe’s customer service is outstanding and welcoming each and every time. Maybe yours is different but over the past few months they have answered any question we had humbly and simply, or even chewing the fat about the day. A far cry from Grooveground of yesterdyear where you were lucky if you were even waited on in several minutes. In addition the common specality coffee shop trope is the high brow attitude which I pretty much disagree with on the whole is if you have any question talking about the specifics of pour over coffee they do it with ease.

Coffee, I love You

Customer service alone can’t make a shop stay open and the good news as I mentioned is that their product rocks. The coffee is always made exceptionally well and if you drink or enjoy coffee black you’re in for a real treat. Personally I enjoy the Ethopian Adado but that changes with the season and is no longer available, but their cold brew is from their house blend and rocks during the summertime. And you can always get that. I’ve also had the Brioche Doughnut and love the sugary ball of dough. The cinnamon along with the sugar is a nice touch. The only problem is the vendor they used for the brioche dougnut is not working with them anymore. Since then I’ve had the Chocolate Chip muffin and always been pleasaed.

In addition to that I enjoy the ambiance and decor inside as well. It’s well kept (probably because it’s new, having opened in May 2013) and clean. Something not always easily done for anything near a park which tends to attract freeloaders.

Last the video above showcases why I really like Joe coffee. Just listen to the mission; it’s just so honestly calculated taking into consideration quite a few look and feel elements. See what happens when you don’t clutter your business? 

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