Wild Ophelia All Natural Chocolates

On a recent trip to New York, Jamie and I stopped in Nolita Mart, an espresso bar and gourmet market that specializes in mostly organic and sustainable foods.  We chose the shop because they serve Cuvee Coffee, a favorite of ours that cannot be easily found on the East Coast. We took a few moments to browse the shop while there and check out some of their wares. I somehow immediately gravitated to a chocolate section that featured various specialty candy bars (I must have choco-radar). I enjoy chocolate in general (who doesn’t?) but take special interest in trying different combinations – a past favorite of mine was a dark chocolate and dried lavender bar that I wish I could find again. I’m a big fan of chocolate and chili flakes, too.

On a whim, I picked up two bars that looked appealing: Wild Ophelia Milk Chocolate and Beef Jerky, and Dark Chocolate and Smokehouse BBQ. Talk about interesting combinations! It seemed appropriate, given our love of BBQ. I had high hopes these.

Unfortunately I was left disappointed in both. The chocolate was dry and underwhelming. The crispy, salty counterpart I had hoped to find in the chips or bacon was lacking. For the price, I expected far better. However, I am now inspired to try my hand at making my own treats this holiday season. Last year I made a delicious chocolate, almond, cranberry bark to share for the holidays. Maybe this year I can try something a little less conventional and bring in a more salty or savory element. What are your favorite chocolate combinations?