Foodie PenPals: October Reveal

Wow, has it been a month already?! Time really flies. Jamie and I need to update the blog more often, huh?

I once again participated in the Food PenPals swap. I love getting things in the mail, I love food, and I love “meeting” new people – so this is perfect! For October’s swap, I traded goodies with Melanie from Lakeville, MA. I told her that I love sweet, savory, and especially chocolate. She sent a great package of awesome snacks!

Whole package

Here’s the breakdown:

Box of chow mein mix.

chow mein

Melanie said she eats this all the time and you can throw anything in with it for a meal. We haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking this would be good with some leftover pork, onions, and mushrooms.

Stacy’s cinnamon sugar pita chips.


I love these and I have to admit that between me and Jamie, this bag went quick!

Coffee syrup.


You know Jamie and I are coffee lovers, and this looks so interesting. It’s like a coffee concentrate to add to milk. It’s been very chilly lately but I’d like to try this in a homemade frappuccino. Or maybe even over ice cream!

Toasted coconut almonds.


Oh my, these were so good! They are sweet and crunchy and the perfect snack to keep at my work desk for an afternoon treat. I’m so glad I found them in my local Target because I’m going to stock up to have them for an emergency fix at all times.

Dark chocolate with chili.



I mentioned that I love interesting chocolate flavors, and I adore dark chocolate mixed with chili. I also brought this candy bar to work to snack on over a few days and it took great self control to not eat the entire thing in one sitting.

Justin’s peanut butter packs.


These are great to keep in my desk for days when I don’t have time to run out for lunch and need to cobble something together from crackers and an apple (not that that’s ever happened before… lol).

All in all, a great package of yummy treats. You can see what I sent Melanie over on her blog. If you’re interested in participating in next month’s swap, check out the badge below.


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