Foodie PenPals: September Reveal

I can’t recall if we’ve posted about this on the blog before, but Jamie and I love exchanging packages with friends in other countries. We met Hubert on our travels in Austria and we sometimes exchange boxes of food, clothing, and other goodies from our respective countries (Hubert owns a bakery/cafe in Austria, so the goodies he sends us are EXTRA amazing). Annie from the UK contributes to our other website Britpop News and we just started exchanging things. She sent us a gigantic box of everything from candy to spices to a baby-sized Stone Roses t-shirt for our daughter. Jamie almost died!

So when I heard about the opportunity to exchange similar packages with a fellow foodie in the States, I signed up immediately. Here’s the deal: bloggers and blog readers from around the country can sign up to be randomly paired with another foodie. You then fill a box worth of $15 of food-related goodies and send it off to your partner. On reveal day, you post in your blog about what you’ve received.

I was paired with Erika from, who lives in Portland, OR. I’ve always wanted to visit there! Especially after watching Portlandia, haha. Erika put together a great package of mostly organic goodies, since I mentioned that I’ve been trying to eat more organic for my sake and Vivian’s. [You can see what I sent Erika by visiting her blog, here.]

The stash included:

photo 1

Cinnamon apple chips: so good. I love putting these on top of sweet/savory salads, but these were so tasty I just ate them straight from the bag like potato chips.

Pancake and Waffle mix: how did she know Jamie is obsessed with our waffle maker? We often  make chocolate chip or bacon waffles, quickly turning an otherwise healthy breakfast into something decadent ;)

Vanilla coffee: I mentioned how Jamie and I are on a big coffee kick now and I’m looking forward to trying this. There’s ground vanilla beans mixed in!

photo 2

Chocolate hazelnut butter blend: I love Justin’s and this is just like everyone’s favorite treat, Nutella. I ate this on an everything bagel because I am weird and I love the combo of sweet and savory.

Two ALT bars: I love having these kind of grab-and-go snacks ready for busy days. I haven’t eaten them yet, but I can’t wait to try that pumpkin one particularly.

Doctor Will Bar: I’ve never heard of this brand before but I LOVED it. It was incredibly tasty for a health/fitness bar. I’m going to buy a box of these online because that’s how good it was.

Banana bread flax bar: This looks interesting. For one of those days when I’m feeling extra healthy!

Jalapeno smokehouse peanuts: I was wary of these before I tried them, thinking that I’m not much of a jalapeno person and don’t really like peanuts. WRONG. These were awesome and if my local market doesn’t have these, I’m looking online for them. They were that good.

photo 3

Peach pear yogurt smoothie: Last but not least, Erika was so sweet that she included a treat for Vivian!! And I will say that she gobbled this up in one sitting.

photo 4

Thank you Erika! This was a great first foodie penpal swap and I can’t wait to do it again in October!

The Lean Green Bean