We’ve moved…kind of.

This happens often in the blog world, but we’ve really relaxed on updating our site because we had a baby. If you have a kid I need to not even explain this, but they’re a ton of work. With that out of the way, we’ve taken on working with the folks at Collingswood Patch. While our opinions here are mostly just for the sake of writing out our feelings without any kind of publishing concerns (or even editing concerns, heh) we have taken this opportunity seriously. Our previously negative and also positive reviews are all clean slates as we approach the town again with a little more refined eyes. To use a baseball example: call this site the minor league journey.  I’m sure we’ll kick-start this up again but for now we’re doing things on another site.

Food aside; Jamie does continue to maintain his music news website and various other client work, and Jessica continues to be an amazing mother to our lovely daughter.