Dibartolo Bakery

Dibartolo Bakery located on the Haddon Ave strip right across from “city hall” is a great part of this town. It’s businesses like this that are a luxury in other states and cities if they’re even present at all.

When we live in this bubble of a town you can become desensitized to some of these luxuries such as having a bakery within a half mile.  I’ve walked by the bakery on countless days to the most amazing smells and that alone is worth the price of admission. Now I’m not saying that Dibartolo’s is the best you’ll ever find however – I’ll save those praises for any Konditori in Germany and Austria or Cafe in France – but they do make some damn good donuts. For a dollar each these chocolate and glazed donuts were really well made. Not the best you’ll ever have but leaps and bounds above Dunkin’ Donuts sugar sticks or the air flavored Krispy Creme. Though the Krispy Creme glazed are pretty amazing all things considered!

My only knock on Dibartolo’s is that they run out rather quickly. Their business model appears to be heavily cake focused. It’s ok being like that I’m just pointing out that sometimes you might miss out.

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