Chow’s Chinese – Collingswood

Take out Chinese food places are a dime a dozen really. So while there is nothing special about Chow’s it’s what they don’t do that makes them pretty great. You don’t get sick. Impressive right? I point this out because where we used to live we literally did not have any Chinese we could order because of severe stomach pains. So in that sense collingswood is #winning.

I’m not going to give you a gigantic review because this review is for the most standard fare dish at a Chinese food take out menu: General Tso.  It’s sweet and savory with a little hint of heat.  Review over.

I’m kidding.

General Tso's at Chow's Chinese Collingswood

On occasion you will experience a general lack of  “gso” sauce which is always disappointing because then the dish sucks, but you most likely won’t be let down by the dish itself if everything is present. Which is as it should, just saying. As for the chicken itself it’s always dubious dark meat quality but that’s everywhere you go and it’s fried as you would expect . The service comes rather quickly at any time so that’s great. And in addition their egg rolls – not pictured here-  are pretty awesome, though I think we still prefer the veggie rolls from thai basil more.

Overall I would suggest chow’s chinese food as a good place to get your chinese take out fix from.

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