Primo Hoagie – Collingswood

The Primo Hoagie is well known in the Delaware valley – generally it’s positive and people recommend getting one across the board. However at this location it must just be me that continuously ends up spending more time in the bathroom than I do enjoying the food. I don’t know what it is about this location but I consistently get ill.

Take that as you will.We’ve all eaten things a little funky at 2am on some bender in college and had to deal with the issues that come up, but now that I’m paying 8-9 dollars for a sandwich and I only get it as take out I feel as if I should raise my standards. With that said I’m not advocating not going there. Your own taste is your own in most cases. My stomach can’t handle another meal for a long time. And by the way, the food wasn’t that good either. Maybe next time around in a few months I’ll check it out.

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