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We love Indian food. Until recently, we were saddened that Collingswood had no worthy Indian offerings. Sure, Haddonfield and Cherry Hill have their own spots, but we dreamed of the day when we could walk to Haddon Ave for a decent curry. Enter Indiya: Flavors of India.

Located in the old pizza joint next to Woksabi and Primo Hoagies, Indiya is a small restaurant that serves expected Indian dishes, a lunch buffet, and takeout. The inside decor is pretty and cozy, and I’m happy to say that you can smell the spices brewing from down the street (like a BBQ restaurant, if you can’t smell the food upon approach, something is wrong).

We opted for takeout and ordered two very standard dishes to test out: chicken korma and chicken tikka makhani. We figured that if they can’t get these dishes right, then it wouldn’t be worth trying anything else. Luckily, their curries hit the spot.

The chicken korma was smooth and creamy, but not overly heavy. It had the distinct taste of coconut milk and cardamom that I like to find in a korma. The chicken was fresh, white meat, and tasted high quality. I do wish that it had one more zing of flavor – perhaps with golden raisins. Overall, a good choice when you’re in the mood for something mild.

The makhani was flavorful and also not too heavy. Sometimes a creamy curry can sit in your belly for hours, but this had a nice balance of cream and tomatoes. The flavor profile wasn’t as deep and complex as some of our other favorite spots, but certainly held its own. The chicken was clearly marinated and grilled in the tandoor oven. This will surely become one of our go-to dishes.

Our only complaint was with the naan bread. Ours was flat, soggy, and tasted undercooked. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they had an off day. I’d like to try the garlic naan next time (along with the channa masala) and hopefully it will be fluffier and well cooked.

In sum, Indiya is a decent Indian food offering and a welcome addition to the Haddon Ave strip. It’s flavorful but innocuous enough (not too spicy, not too heavy, standard offerings) to appeal to the mass crowd. I’m rooting for this one to succeed.

You can visit indiya’s website by visiting this linkĀ 

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One thought on “Indiya – Collingswood

  1. jamie

    I really hope this place does well. It’s tame enough to not scare off people, but also good enough to call itself indian unlike indeblue. I mean these guys use spices you can actually TASTE. What a shock. The korma could use the raisins though!