Collingswood Mayfair

Like most of South Jersey we were present at the Mayfair, of course.  It’s a wonderful, if a bit hot, event that really transforms this town. I can’t speak from years past experience, but this year seemed larger in scale and I guess scope? We were fortunate to get not too hot of a day though I imagine many felt the heat. Sun 101: Bounce from shade to shade and then into shops after a long bout with the sun.  Lesson over, friends.

Collingswood Mayfair Experience

Our experience with the fair was walking up and down the strip while checking out the plethora of baby clothes stalls. If you’re left wanting baby girl clothes then I just don’t know what to tell you. I mean,  I understand collingswood is a town of 0-5ers right now but wow. Regardless we snuck in a few bites of food. I HAD to stop in at Gorumet Popcorn. No pictures and just a small bag, but worth it. There was a jamacian jerk bbq stand which smelled amazing, but didn’t really hit home. I’ll blame the heat because man those guys looked like they themselves were cooking. Heh.

As I said we took some breaks and managed to sneak in music at each of the >three< tents of music. What is this some open air festival? Mr Maley are you listening to ideas  because that might be the line in the sand that would cement us as a “hipster” town”. That said I will say here to dispel any myths. I was not, in fact, one of the gentlement dancing by himself. This is never a good idea. And the random woman dancing by herself having a wonderful time just might want to chill on the sauce for a little bit. She was prepping for a hangover, I guess.

After walking up and down the strip taking about 2 hours we finished at the Little Louie’s BBQ stall. It’s a heartbreaker for me because I want them to succeed and think I tried my best to write that out in some capacity, but I can’t get on board. It’s just not my flavor. The trip up is that if you drive by at any given time of day they are people inside so someone likes it. To me I can’t even taste the smoke. And man that sauce was just not sitting with me right either. I tried, I really did. Just not my thing – it certainly is others. I’ll pass each time. But I won’t pass on the Mayfair – go. It’s great. It’s only a matter of time before this becomes two days and not just one.


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