Gourmet Popcorn – Collingswood

LOVE THIS PLACE. One day while walking down Haddon Ave I saw this Popcorn shop and said to myself “one day, i’ll stop in”. I never did. So after one year I said to hell with it and stopped in! And what a cute treat! As you walk in you are blasted away with the smell of popcorn. Mmmm! After you get over the smell you’ll then notice the 15,000 types of popcorn. If you like flavored popcorn then I have some good news for you this is your in a word: mecca. Now I didn’t sample everything, but I did manage to eat the Caramel Apple. It was exactly as you would imagine it to taste. There’s no ultra depth to the flavor. It really is just popcorn. You know there’s only so much you can do to popcorn. However that’s not to say it’s not good because, in fact, it’s wonderful.

As I walked around I found the Bacon-Cheddar and said “THIS IS MINE” as anyone with a pallet for meat would do. For the price of 4.50 a bag, I can’t really complain at all I feel this is some really good quality popcorn. I don’t know how you feel about popcorn, but if I eat a full bag of store bought I’m usually disgustingly full at the end and don’t eat another bag for months. This was the right amount for that popcorn fix. So give it a shot!

Bonus points to the owner for being extra friendly and helpful! Easily one of the more endearing traits about our little town and how “small town” it can be.