Sorrento Pizza – Collingswood

Sorrento Cheese Pizza

Sorrento Cheese Pizza

Hello from a long time ago! Or from the present if you just got here! We’ve been absent for a few months as most do in the winter, but truth be told we hit a wall as we’ve been to most places in Collingswood. However there are still more places to tackle as we venture on our quest to eat at every spot in Collingswood (so you don’t have to).  One of the places we neglected is Sorrento’s Pizza located at Collings Ave and The White Horse Pike. We’ve kind of given up on finding Pizza we like in town and often find ourselves hitting up Rustica just across the bridge in Philadelphia but this place comes recommended by good sources. Here’s what we had to report on our experience.

There is no website for Sorrento’s (come on just create a wordpress site) so I had to hit up the weird “find my menu” spam sites you really wish would just go away. The menu there was obscenely out of date. I say this because my pizza came to 19.75 while according to this menu I should be paying around 15.50. 1$ if you add the delivery charge. Note to Sorrento’s: everyone loves being nickeled and dimed so much so that there is a saying called “nickeled and dimed” that has a horribly negative connotation to it. Just add 1$ to your meals to make up for it. Seriously. Here’s the Menu for Sorrento’s I found by the way.

So the food – We got a cheese pizza. The sauce was good and the cheese the same. Two very good starts! Then I hit the bread and it went downhill from there. The bread was far too chewy. By far to chewy I mean FAR too chewy and far too filling for my own tastes. I don’t need a thin slice, but I also don’t want a full loaf of bread either. Balance folks. Balance.  Then there was the hoagie which left me scratching my head. The hoagie we got tasted like something I could make. Now, that would be good if I were in the business of making hoagies at a highly acclaimed restaurant but since I am not this means; it stunk. The meat tasted like the stuff you get out of plastic containers and I’m’ not even sure that was actually cheese I was eating. There was a slight sourness to it that only comes when you’ve had a bite of mold. I checked for mold, of course. No mold.  The taste was disconcerting however and I ended up tossing the hoagie. My better half didn’t. She was just that hungry and I’m very happy to report her still being alive and well.  I would not recommend a hoagie from Sorrento’s in any capacity. I will however recommend this as a very good pizza place to hit up if you’ve feeling the urge. I won’t put them in a category of excellent pizza because I may have caught them on an off night, but I liked what I saw. I would order from them again as a pick up however because really, those delivery charges are silly.

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