Pizza Pizza – Rogers Centre – Toronto, Canada

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

The Rogers Centre, formerly known as the SkyDome, or maybe also where millions of Philadelphian’s dreams were utterly crushed, is a huge tourist attraction in downtown Toronto.  We ended up catching a game between the Blue Jays and Red Sox in the Nose bleeds.  Of course while there with all the tantalizing fried smells you cant help but want to eat. Sadly, there is a lack of interesting options for food at the ballpark and this was really disappointing for me. We’ve been to the lovely Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati and had Gold Star Chili, Citizens Bank Park and had any number of Cheesesteaks, PNC Park in Pittsburgh and had Primanti Brothers and Camden Yards in Baltimore to eat any number of Seafoods with Old Bay on top – Not CRAB FRIES THOUGH. Don’t sue me! THEY’RE NOT CRAB FRIES.  Rogers Centre has Pizza Pizza. Before I go into the food review please do me a favor and click that link. Look at the URL. How can a chain of 500 restaurants in the absolutely wonderful and ultra modern country of Canada be so backwards with their URL’s.


I understand various things in life and that is keeping expectations to a minimum or not at all in certain situations.  I’m at a ballpark, that much is very true but most every ballpark has one redeeming, if not mega expensive, option for food. For the life of me I cannot say the same of the Rogers Centre. This pizza was worse than the Ellio’s box pizza you can get at the grocery store.  It’s a smattering of the cheapest cheese on the most godawful cardboard crust you can possibly imagine.  I know people generously use cardboard as a phrase for food but this really applies. I should know, because I’ve eaten cardboard before. Except not really. But, I know you know what I mean, right?   The only redeeming aspect was the french fries we had that had some kind of seasoning on top (but not CRAB FRIES) that made it taste slightly better than Chickie and Pete’s (not hard to do).

Eating Pizza Pizza reminded me of this terrible but cheap food option I had while in college. The whole pizza was 4.25 and always came out steaming hot. You don’t care because you’re in college and this food will last for 2.5 days. That’s how us normal folk survived College.  I think most people would do this, but I’d suggest skipping Pizza Pizza in Canada if you have the chance to. It’s sad too, because I love virtually everything else about Canada.

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