Bento Box Face-Off: Sushi Lin and Woksabi

One of these days, we’ll give Sushi Lin and Woksabi (both on Haddon Ave in Collingswood) proper reviews. As such, I’ve only had the bento box lunch from either place, and will discuss the better deal for your bento cravings.

I’ll come clean – I’m not a die-hard sushi fan. I enjoy rolls from time to time (and yes, I am so cliche that I love the Philly roll), but plain sushi or sashimi won’t make an appearance on my plate often. I do love bento box meals, however, and tried out the offerings at two Japanese restaurants in the area.

First I tried Sushi Lin. I ordered the chicken katsu box, which came with miso soup, salad, six pieces of California roll, three pieces of shumai, and white rice. For around $9. What a deal! I accidentally forgot my miso soup (shame, because I love miso) and hardly even touched my salad. The rest of the box was so filling. The katsu sauce was salty (as expected), but rich, and the chicken was as expected. Nothing awe-inducing, but fried without being greasy, and a nice portion size. The California roll was good, and the shumai was delicious. I was very happy with my lunch!

Sushi Lin - Chicken Katsu

Sushi Lin – Chicken Katsu

Sushi Lin - Salad

Sushi Lin – Salad

The next week I had the same bento craving, so ordered from Woksabi. Their dining room is much nicer than Sushi Lin, but that matters not, as I ordered takeout. Also for $9, I ordered chicken katsu. The box came with three pieces of California roll, a slightly larger portion of chicken, three shumai, and white rice. The menu indicates edamami and soup or salad, but I received none of the above. The katsu sauce was about on par with Sushi Lin, and the sushi was just ok. I was a little peeved that I didn’t receive soup or salad.

Woksabi - Chicken Katsu

Woksabi – Chicken Katsu

While both restaurants offer decent meals, Sushi Lin clearly wins on value. I love variety with my lunch, and you can’t go wrong with their bento box. Next time I’ll try the tempura or teriyaki. Yum!

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