My Little Kupcake – Collingswood

Cupcakes are all the rage*. With the roaming Philadelphia cupcake truck and each neighborhood boasting its own cupcake shop, the trend is almost unavoidable. For South Jersey residents who don’t want to trek into the city for a treat, My Little Kupkake** has come to the rescue.

With a wide range of flavors, including vegan and gluten free options, I had a hard time choosing which one to try. Luckily for me (but not my waistline), the shop is in the unavoidable location of Haddon Ave, mere footsteps from my favorite and regular dining spots. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried a few different flavors.

Cupcakes come in three different sizes: small (mini-cupcakes), medium (regular-sized), and large (jumbo, and often filled with fruit jellies or creams). Pricing is very acceptable – the jumbo is only $3 and will leave you plenty full. I usually cut it in half and save the rest for later.

My first “Kupkake” was a large chocolate strawberry concoction, with chocolate cake, vanilla icing, and strawberry filling. Admittedly, I was initially underwhelmed. The chocolate cake was spongy and a bit flavorless. The strawberry filling was gel-like and overpowering. The icing was unremarkable. A bland cupcake – how sad!

Yet, I returned for more, convinced that I’d find a winner in the batch. Other options offered more pleasing results. Their red velvet (all sizes) is delicious. While I still think their cake recipe is a bit spongy, the cream cheese icing makes up for it. A large cookies and cream (with Oreos baked in the batter) was beyond satisfying. While My Little Kupkake offers some very fancy flavors like chili chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and s’mores (with graham crackers and marshmallows in the icing), my favorite has to be a surprisingly unpretentious flavor – coconut! Words cannot express the deliciousness of that old standard. The icing was creamy and plastered with sugared coconut; the cake was fluffy and not overly sweet (to balance out the sugary icing). It’s a thing of beauty.

Also worth mentioning is the bakery itself. The shop is as sweet as its cakes. Cute handmade aprons adorn the walls (available for purchase – I have my eyes on a particular 50’s style apron covered with cats), twee teapots line the shelves, and the cupcakes themselves look adorable lined up behind a glass case. There’s a modest seating area if you’re so inclined, but I think biting into a sugary sweet while walking down Haddon Ave with your sweet(heart) is the best way to enjoy it.

*Until cake pops become the rage.
**It has taken a lot of self-control to not comment on the cutesy intentional misspelling of “kupkake.”


And just for fun, a picture of my mom’s homemade cupcakes (key lime and coconut) decorated for Easter. Cute!