PJ Whelihan – Haddonfield

This place is about as SOJO as it gets. If you don’t know what SOJO is please click that link – I’m still a little confused. PJ’s, as many people from this area call it in Haddonfield, is nicely done on the inside. It’s a Sports Bar but also a Dank Bar. It’s a place to bring the kids, or a place to try to kick it with a girl. I guess. I’ve never really “kicked it” with a girl – I just thought that sounded pretty neat. Never the less we lack a option to have a drink in Collingswood (this really needs to change) so PJ’s was a good call by a buddy of mine.

When you walk in, as I said, you’re pretty much in a Sports Bar without it being a “Sports Bar”. It’s small enough to be small and large enough to be large. The Decor is very well kept and welcoming. There’s a long bar along the wall with very large screens for any sport that’s on. In my case it’s always been the Phillies. In the middle and along the wall is booth and table seating. In the back even more tabletop seating. We’ve sat in both and felt fine enough.

Service is pretty standard and you’re told all the beer specials immediately. With that said the beer selection is pretty great and they’re almost always running a special. I suggest anything by Dogfishhead.

PJ’s is known for it’s Burgers, fries and Wings as well as it’s Beer selection. The Fries are pretty great and reminiscent of Chickie and Pete’s. You can’t really go wrong there. I would have liked a little larger of a portion but so be it.

I ordered their famous “buffalo wings” with the Hot n’ Honey sauce. It was excellent. I was told this is what most people order and it’s understandable why they do. If you want wings – other than the adobe – this is the place.

I’d like to give P.J’s two big thumbs up so I will. It’s a nice place and you’ll like it for what it is. Maybe. I did at least.

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