Zena’s Mediterranean Cuisine – Collingswood

Zena's Schawarma

Zena’s Schawarma

Zena’s is located, well, uh, see, I’m not exactly sure. We’ve never actually seenĀ the location. It may occupy a unique plot of lane in the space time continuum, but i’m not really sure. The things that I do know is that it’s near Collingswood Heights, it’s a take out place, and it has quite good Mediterranean food based on our previous experience! So that helps! Not really.

My lone lame dilemma with Zena’s is that I’m not really sure what kind of food I should order every time I pick up the menu. In southern New Jersey Mediterranean dishes are not exactly standard fare. If you take a look at their Menu (which you may have gotten in the mail like us) you’ll see one side is the standard take out, and the other side is what they’re known for. Thing is…that second page is big! (that’s what she said!). So I solved this lame dilemma by basically putting my finger to the page and where-ever it lands so be it.


That is unless it doesn’t contain Lamb. Which, it seems, half the menu does. Anyways. My finger landed on Schawarma. Schawarma is essentially a sandwich that contains a combination of chicken, a sauce, spices, and vegetables all wrapped in Pita bread. The sauce was a Tabouli sauce which had this very distinct hummus flavoring to it. If you happened to click that link you’ll notice the main part of Hummus – chickpea’s – is not in that sauce. Maybe it’s not it. I don’t know for a fact, but I did taste it on this sandwich.

Hummus scares people away, or rather more appropriately, me. Thing is Hummus and me, we beef. There’s just something about that paste that gets me. And, about once every two years I’ll actually forget enough about my previous experience to say i’ll try it again! Something happened. Zena’s hummus is actually good. And flavorful. And makes you want MORE. I digress: the sandwich was fantastic. It was just the right combination of every ingredient, even with a healthy portion of tomato’s, to make a really great sandwich. It has a very distinct flavor and if your palate is willing, give it a shot. You may enjoy it.

On a completely NON Mediterranean kick I also ordered a Pizza Cheese Steak. I’ll admit that I did this because what is the Schawarma sucked? One of the worst feelings in the world is ordering something that you can’t eat and then have to sit there through a empty stomach, or worse, have to search the house and “settle” on that can of bushes baked beans. Not cool, right? The pizza steak was awesome. The sauce was really distinct, the steak finely chopped, a good mixture of herbs all with a healthy portion of cheese.

All in all I really like Zena’s and would order from there again eagerly. I’d also like to check out the service there as well. We’ve got a wealth of take out places in Collingswood so give this one a shot if you’re feeling like take a risk. It may enjoy it as much as us!


Post Edit: Check out this letter I got! Who does this! HA HA.