That’s Amore Pt. 2

We decided to stop in That’s Amore recently and I’m please to report back the business is still doing well! We went in once before, you can read it here, so that saves me writing. We decided to try different items on the menu this time around.

We ordered an appetizer first – something our waiter called Rice Balls. They were listed as a specality by the chef’s mother.  It’s known as Arancini di Riso. I mentioned Rice Balls first because it so easily describes it. It’s really is simply rice balls stuffed w/ mozz cheese and lightly fried, served with classic red sauce as the menu says.  While I didn’t have the delight the chef had in his childhood, I imagine that any young kid would. Fried cheese and sauce. Cant really go wrong there.  I wouldn’t order it again, but that’s not to say it’s not good. It really is quite tasty.

For dinner I choose the Penne Ala Vodka. My better half ordered Penne with Pesto Cream.  Our extremely generous portions came out after we were finished with our Appetizer . These portions are unbelievably large, just like last time. We had leftovers after our meals and even eating the next day’s portion still didn’t completely finish everything off! Upon first sight I’ve had various types of Penne Ala Vodka before and this was not exactly what I was thinking I would get. I’m accustomed to a sea of creamy Vodka Sauce my order came out a little more like a Lasagna. I cant say it was bad but, like the appetizer, I’m not running to try it again. It was good and tasty with hefty amounts of Cheese. It seems That’s Amore loves their cheese!  It’s really just simply not something I like more than other items I’ve ordered from That’s Amore.. I’m sure many people will like it though.

The inside decor is quite nice, we mentioned it before, I’d love to take that care into more customer facing things. LIke the Pepper Shakers. I’m sure they could find  some cheap 1$ ones around rather then the Wendy’s Shakers. That’s just me. I really recommend going into That’s Amore. It’s  a wonderful place to eat. You feel like it’s their house you’re walking into. I really appreciate that and hope That’s Amore continue to have good business.