KISMOT – Edinburgh

On our last day in Edinburgh we decided to go for broke for one of the better rated indian Places on Yelp, Kismot – a whopping 6 reviews (including mine which I’m going to steal liberally from). The restaurant is owned by the Ali family and advertise that they are an Indian and Bangladeshi take-away style with the hottest curry in Edinburgh, the Kismot Killer. This was a bit of a walk from our Hotel near Edinburgh Castle, but who really can complain when you’re in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland? As that menu says, you’ve tried Cowboys, now try Indian! We were sold.

We arrived a tad bit early, apparently the night before there was a large party that stayed very late, so the restaurant was extremely cold.  Other than that the decor was nice and unassuming.  Outside you’re looking right at Arthurs seat.  We were immediately greeted by one of the sons of the Ali family, his name I now forget, though he did leave a mark.  He was incredibly talkative and proud of the food the restaurant serves. His and his brother’s service easily rank as my greatest service experience.

So now onto the food! We started out with a order poppadoms and various dipping sauces. There was one sauce, a yoghurt based blend, that is one of the best foods I’ve ever eaten.  I mean, this thing RANKS.  Get it. Ask for it. Take a shower with it! You won’t regret it. You can just make out the yellow sauce on the extreme right in this picture.  I cant quite remember all the sauces. One was a Mango Chutney – standard fare and quite good. Another was a Curry/Vindaloo combo the one in the front on the left. It was blazing hot. My eyes are watering just thinking about it. There was another one that for some reasons sticks in my memory as a salsa-esque mix.  I think there was a lot of Vinegar in it? Jessica LOVED it. Maybe she can comment about it?

For the main dishes we had one of Mango Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masla. I’m afraid to admit these dishes were not as good as the dipping sauce. While I am generally thrilled with most any Indian, jessica was not having any of it. She meekly ran through her dish which was heavy on the Cream, or possibly sugar? While not as Sugary Sweet as our previous Indian Encounter, it was there. I’m guessing this may be a style within Edinburgh, or more possibly whatever this Indian + Bangladeshi style is. I’m not entirely sure.  This is strictly a personal preference and is not to say this style is not good. The chicken was flavorful and moist.   The naan was as hoped. Fluffy, crispy and perfect for dipping.   We’ve run into quite a few orders of naan bread that are  awful so this is always a good thing.  The rice was pretty standard white basmati rice.  I would have loved to have something extra on it rather than just rice however.

Overall I have to say the meal was a 4/5 with the lack of spice being what held it back from being a perfect experience.  It’s also quite a bit unfair of me because we realize our specific taste for food in general is complex.I’ll put this in further perspective/confusion, if Kismot opened up in my city i’d praise jeebus.  Anyone visiting Edinburgh and has the chance to go to Kismot will love it. And please say hi to the family for us.

29 St Leonard’s Street
Edinburgh EH8 9QN

0131 667 0123


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