Bobby Chez – Collingswood

Bobby Chez has been a lame dilemma for me.  There is no real sit down dining to speak of, so that’s a turn off, and quite frankly, sometimes I’m not in the mood for crab cakes.  It’s also because they’re located behind the strip and next to the train tracks that somehow prevent anyone from buying the lumberyard condo’s.  Anyways,  I never think of stopping in though we’ve heard a lot of bout this place for quite a while. We needed to make a point of going. So we finally did.

As any natural person interested in take out does they run to the innerweb’s for a menu if there is none in your house.  The top hit was the their own website but, alarmingly, the second hit was fora warning letter from the FDA.

Um? Ok?

Further review reveals it’s not for the Collingswood Location and, after reading the mad rantings of people in the internet in comment sections I tend to take the what I see on the internet at large…..with……How do I put this…a grain of salt.

Bobby Chez Crab Cake

Bobby Chez Crab Cake

The interior is quite large and easily accommodates most any sized party if you’d like to stay there and eat. The option is nice but not welcoming.  On the wall you’ll find many clipping of how wonderful Bobby Chez is. I didn’t need to know but the 50 or so clippings did help educate me on this matter. Furthermore,  Bobby, if you ever needed any reassureance of how spectacular you are, just visit the Collingswood shrine to you. You’ll be sure to get a pick-me-up.

We ordered the hot platter to go, the other option is to buy the food and reheat at home – there are instructions on a menu by the counter, which was a Crab Cake, fries and slaw. We also ordered a second crab cake to go. It was priced at a very healthy 5.99. The platter: 8.99.

The service took the specified 10 minutes and was as you expect. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. After getting home and inspecting the portions we calmly laughed. this is a jumbo crab cake? Maybe that set the tone for our meal. I dunno.  The Crab Cakes were not wanting for meat, but were lacking – somewhat, in the flavor department.  Thankfully it’s not loaded up with breading like Phillips crab cakes are but Phillips also adds some seasoning. See: Old Bay. I’d like to state that I don’t hate that is was most crab meat but it cant be all that.  The fries on the other hand were awesome. Nicely fried. Good portion. Good seasoning. More than I could have expected. The slaw, I didn’t try. I’m just not a slaw kind of guy. I’ll leave that to my better half to explain.

Bobby Chez Crab Cake and Fries

Bobby Chez Crab Cake and Fries

Overall, Bobby Chez falls into the “OK” category. For the price is was pretty good, but needed something else. Quick stupid point: I saw two elderly people walk in and order take out. It’s just me, but whenever I see an abundance of  old people in a restaurant I immediately think “no taste buds”. This place will either have no flavor, or will be laden with salt. My observation was correct. Sadly.  Bobby Chez will get another shot but this is not like the folks on yelp say (as if much ever is over there).

5 stars. heh.

As if.