4 Rivers Smoke House – Orlando, Florida

4 Rivers Smoke House is a place that anyone who is within 100 miles of Orlando should visit. It’s a dark, danky, and most of all smokey, hole in the wall.  We walked up to a a line out the door and whiffs of smoke. As you’ll hear me say over and over, if you don’t smell wood burning then it’s probably not going to be “real” BBQ.

As you walk in you’ll notice the cramped quarters. Just line up in the queue. It’s worth the wait. (pictured on the left)

After having previously been to Kansas City, I ordered the Burnt End Sandwich in hopes of coming somewhat close to the greatness that was Gates BBQ.

It was.

And so much more.

I’m a no sauce guy and like the above statement about smoke, I’ll say this again and again.  I like it “bare” because I want to taste the rub, the meat, and the smoke. If you cant get all three right then you’re “doing it wrong”.  These guys also, seemingly, make their own sauce.  It was good, though nothing home to write about. That’s OK though.

With the Burnt End Sandwich I also order their Baked Beans. I’m not lying when I say I got chills.  Rich and saucy with a good depth of flavor. You get whiffs of various spices with each bite. And then there’s the bacon. Mmmm. It’s kind of cheating to put bacon in anything because bacon has a way of making something taste far better than it should. Surprisingly enough it didn’t overpower. In that case they were  “doing it right”

And more.

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