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I really want to like Inde Blue, I really do. After reading all these consistent outstanding “better than NYC Indian” reviews I had a small glimmer of hope. I should preface all of this with having previously lived a block away from Ekta and a few blocks from Tiffin it’s hard to expect much after them – nevermind being in Southern Jersey. Not exactly a mecca for fine Indian dining. And you cant really expect that Hyundai to drive like the BMW…but…hey….. .you can dream right?

I cant speak to every dish but we did most recently order Butter Chicken otherwise known as Chicken Makhani, and Chicken Tikka, take out. The basmati rice is good, but it’s rice. How can you really mess that up? The chicken looked as if it didn’t sit in a tandoori oven. No red or hint of that very obvious tandoor oven taste. Dry, flavorless. But, thing is, they say they do! /mindblown. The butter chicken sauce tasted like they poured Campbells tomato soup. It was disgusting. It overpowered what little, if any, spice they added and only fed to the gnarleyness of the tasteless chicken. In a fit of desperation I ran to our spice rack and added Garam Masla and heated that up a tad. That made it slightly better but then I thought, why should I even be adding my own spice? Are they really that bad? The answer is yes. I’ve gone back multiple times to see if maybe they were having an off day, but their food is so darn bland and tasteless each and every time that I am compelled to write a bad review. Furthermore their “hot” is laughably not hot. For a “hot” order there was no heat what-so-ever. It’s not to say that we didn’t try. We have run the gamut of heat with inde blue, first starting out with mild -thrown out after two bites -, Medium – thrown out after two bites and hot. None of which should even be considered hot.

IB could come on here and crap on my review and say if you want heat what the hell are you orderin chicken tikka for! Go for the curry or vindaloo’s! And to which I’d respond f’yeah I’d love to try those two dishes but this stuff, standard fare in any Indian restaurant, in front of me is so bad I cant bring myself to spend any more money! Your food is so bland and flavorless and so wish-washy with “heat” it boggles my mind how they continue to stay open.

Look at all the 4 start reviews on yelp. it’s amazing! And also look at how many people mention how it’s the first indian they’ve ever had and it’s the BEST EVAR OMG.


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  1. Jamie Post author

    I think jess put it perfectly as a guide to if it’s good or not answer this question: “If i’m forced to go somewhere could I find something to eat there”. I could not eat anything at Inde Blue. That and my review is just my opinion.