Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia PA

Ah, jb’s. I had just moved into the ftown the first week it reopened and I frequented there a little too much. Their first years are marred by the fishtownie’s rolling in because they had PBR on tap but, you could handle it. Somehow they made you feel less sad for being in there on a tuesday night getting blasted without a job. HaHa. Food was pretty slick as far as bar food goes and Prices were decent. The jukebox is fantastic. Hell. give me anyplace with the stone roses in it and Im’ there. When they opened the upstairs, which is pretty stinking nice as far as music venue’s go (bye bye north star), things changed. Prices jumped on their food menu was the first thing. I mean, It’s still a bar. There is a limit to what anyone should pay when it comes to bar food. Someone told me they got a 3$ beer there, but I doubt it. Maybe happy hour? I couldn’t find anything for under 4$ which is retarded. I’m probably blind. And last weekend while going home, I saw a jerz plated minivan pull up and, out step some pretty well dressed old (like your late 50’s mom old) people. Jb’s went to hell in a minivan imo. Kills me a little inside each time as I walk by from the el. The only thing to do is go to shows there anymore and enjoy drinks at your house beforehand..
1201 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 739-9684