Mangia Mangia (part 2) – Collingswood (Closed)

Update: Mangia Mangia closed! :\

Mangia Mangia fulfills a need of every town – a quick-service joint with a wide variety of standard takeout fare. There’s seating inside, but with so many “nicer” Italian restaurants in town, it’s hard to imagine why you’d go to Mangia Mangia for anything other than takeout or delivery.

The extensive menu offers everything from pizza, calzones, and pasta entrees to hoagies, wraps, and salads. They lose a convenience point for not having a website or menu hosted online. But with such a large menu, there’s a good chance they can sate your craving.

We’ve ordered from there on a few occasions, and here’s how the Collingswood Foodies rate Mangia Mangia:

Food: On our first visit, I ordered a chicken finger wrap – tasty, sizable, and came with a side of tortilla chips and melted cheese (of the Cheez Wiz variety). Since we ordered French fries, I tossed the chips and dunked my fries in the cheese. Mmm, empty calories. The next visit, I didn’t fare so well. I ordered an Italian hoagie, but what I got was a sad roll with two slices of meat and some lettuce. Even if they hadn’t forgotten the provolone cheese, the sandwich would still be entirely unfulfilling. I’ve gotten better subs at Subway, and you know they ration out the lunchmeat like the US government during World War II. On another trip, I got the cheesesteak wrap. Born and raised in Philadelphia, I know cheesesteaks. If you tell me Pat’s or Jim’s is your favorite, I just may smack you across the face and direct to you the nearest Tony Luke’s. In any case, Mangia Mangia’s cheesesteak was unfortunately bland and I had to add mayo to the wrap to give my taste buds some help. Mangia Mangia has become our go-to pizza place, but more out of exhaustion after a failed search for really good pizza. We just haven’t found that yet in South Jersey, so when we need a pizza fix, we go here.

Atmosphere: As Jamie commented in an earlier post, we have only ordered takeout or delivery. But I will give them points for being very friendly on the phone and for fast delivery. Granted, they are just around the corner, but these little things do count.

Value: The prices are about on par with what you’d expect and portion sizes are appropriate for a greasy takeout meal.

Overall: Not a bad choice for a reasonably-priced, quick and greasy meal. Stick with what they do best – wraps, club sandwiches, pizzeria-type options – and have some antacid ready just in case.

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